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What type of parent are you?

February 12, 2019



On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rank your parenting skills?   While there is no actual scale that could rank parenting, there are 4 types of parenting styles that have been researched over the years.  Answer the following questions to see where you fall.


Authoritarian Parenting

Do you believe kids should seen and not heard?

My way or the highway rule with your children.

Do not take the kids feelings into consideration.


Authoritative Parenting

A lot of effort is put in toward creating and maintaining a relationship with your child.

Give reasons behind your rules.

Enforce rules and give consequences when rules are broken

Take children feelings into consideration.


Permissive Parenting

Set rules but do not enforce

Do not give out consequences often

You think your child will learn without a lot of interference for you




Do not spend much time with your child

Do not ask about homework or school

You rarely know where your child is at or who they are with



Do you find your type of parenting style?  Do you find you have traits from one or more parenting style? Will you try to change your parenting style now that you know what type of parent you are?


It is true, child do not come with an instruction manual.  But Research shows that children who are raised using the Authoritative parenting style are more happier, more confident, are able to make decisions, and able to express their emotions.

It is important as a parent to focus on preventing behaviors before they happen.  This takes a lot of time and consistency, and a lot of talking with your children.


It is important to note, that healthy parenting styles start sooner than later.  Do not wait until your child is five and try to put bed time routines in place.  Birth to five is those important years for not only brain development but also for setting the stage for healthy habits and routines which leads to healthy lifestyles from childhood to adulthood.







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February 12, 2019

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